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Feature requests for EditReady


I've been using EditReady since it launched. I am about to upgrade to version 2. I think the new features are great. However I'd like to request 3 new features for a future version.

Along with being able to combine spanned clips. A way to set in and out points on clips. So, only the selected portion of the clip gets transcoded.

Adding tags to clips that can be read as keywords in FCP X

Multiple jobs. i.e you set one job up to output Prores422 with no other options. A second job can transcode the same files to H.264 with an added LUT and with video overlays.


Ian Shand

Technical manager 

Film and Digital Media

The University of Roehampton London.


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Hi Ian - thanks for the feedback!  We've looked at the tags issue in the past, but there's not a good way to bake them into a QT file such that FCPX will read them.  

Clip trimming is high on our todo list for a future update.

You can already run multiple jobs - after starting a batch, just pick another set of settings (or a preset) and hit convert all again.  Everything will get enqueued.  You can also clear all your files (select all -> delete) and add new files if you want to start another batch with new files.

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