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Scopelink not working with Premiere 7.2.1

Hi, I just can't get any signal out of Premiere to Scopebox.

I have closely followed the setup instructions but all I get, after a lot of spinning in the Scopebox source palette, is a message reading 'Host needs restart'. Restarting Premiere does nothing.

I have rebooted apps, system etc but to no avail.

Scopebox works beautifully with Quicktime movies (it's a real joy to use that way); but for me its real value lies in being able to use it alongside Premiere (and Speedgrade, pending).

Can you help? Here are my system details:

MacPro 5,1 3.33GHz 6 Core 48GB RAM Dual 23" Apple Cinema Displays
Nvidia GTX 680 Mac Edition 2GB VRAM
Matrox MXO 2 mini to HP LP2475w via HDMI
OSX 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion)
Premiere CC 7.2.1
Scopebox 3.3.5

Thanks very much for any help.

Kind regards

Dominic Witherow

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Can you try making a new sequence in premiere? Sometimes that's enough to reactivate ScopeLink after an update.

Also, in ScopeBox, click on the Premiere scopelink source and then make sure the settings in the sidebar are reasonable - format, frame size, etc. If they're showing as blank drop downs, manually set them to to YCbCr 8bit, Rec709, 1920x1080.

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Brilliant! That worked. I changed the settings, which were way out, and switched sequence and it now works perfectly. Thanks so much. Dominic

Dominic Witherow 0 votes
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