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"Host needs restart" ScopeBox with Premiere Pro CC

I have yet to get ScopeBox to work with Premiere Pro CC via ScopeLink on Mac. I always get the "Host needs restart" error no matter how many times I restart Premiere or SocpeBox. Any suggestions?

Mac OSX 10.9.2
ScopeBox 3.3.7
Premiere Pro CC 7.2.1

Sam Hakes

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Try selecting the Premiere ScopeLink source in ScopeBox (just click on it after adding) and then manually set a format, color space, etc. So, start with 1080i60 YUV 8bit and see how that goes.

Colin McFadden 1 vote
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Thanks Colin. I think I got it to work. Once I got the settings right - then restarted Premiere it worked, unless I messed too much with the ScopeBox settings then I needed to restart Premiere again. Here are the settings that worked for me:

Device: Premiere Pro
Format: YCbCr 8bit
Colorspace: CCIR601
Frame Size: 1920x1080 16x9

It would be helpful in the future to not have to restart Premiere and have it work like it does in After Effects. Thanks!

Sam Hakes 0 votes
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