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Hi there,

Just looking for some advice really. I'm currently running Avid on a hackintosh which is (so far) working brilliantly. I'm just about to upgrade my monitor to an Eizo CG277 which is a fab piece of kit.

I also have an old Macbook Pro (2007) lying about which I'd like to use with Scopebox.

As the Eizo has a REC709 mode I'm going to be using that as my primary monitor as it's good enough for the work I'm doing.

Does anyone have a similar setup and can recommend some hardware that will allow me to get the signal out of the tower and into the laptop. I'm thinking of an intensity pro out from the main computer, but what would be a good card to get into the laptop. I only really have a PC Express 34 slot that is available unless there's a firewire or usb 2 solution.



Simon Hepworth

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Unfortunately there aren't really cost-effective solutions to make use of that older laptop if you don't already have capture hardware. You could go with something like a matrox MXO2, which uses Expresscard, or an AJA IoHD which uses Firewire, but both of those would cost more than buying a brand new macbook air (or Mac Mini, etc) and a thunderbolt device like a Blackmagic Mini Recorder.

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